Driving in Waiheke

While driving around New Zealand is a great way to get around, there are a few things that are different to the rest of the world when it comes to driving.

Check out the New Zealand Transport Authority website for a full breakdown of the most useful information for those unfamiliar with driving in New Zealand. NZTA offers this information in the most common languages.

Quick Tips

1) Keep left.

2) Give way at intersections.
If you’re turning, give ways to all vehicles going straight.

3) No left turn at a red light

4) The driver must not use a hand-held mobile phone or operate the GPS while driving.

5) Travel times
NZ has some hilly, tight, and winding roads, therefore distances can be deceptive. Plan your journey, take your time, and do not rush. Do not drive when tired. Take breaks and enjoy the journey.

6) Sharing the road with cyclists
Cyclists have the same rights as drivers. Slow down and pass safely and carefully.

7) Alcohol and drugs
Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

8) Driving speeds
Please follow road signs for speed limits on each road. Sometimes poor conditions or winding roads will require you to go slower.

9) All passengers must wear seatbelts at all times.

10) Driver licensing requirements
A current and valid driver licence and an English translation, if applicable, must be held at all times when you are driving.

11) Overtaking
Do not overtake or cross a solid yellow line on your side.

12) One-lane bridges
Follow the arrows on the signs. They indicate who has the right of way.

13) Winter driving poses wet or icy conditions. Slow down and avoid breaking suddenly. Chains may be required in icy or snowy conditions.

14) Be cautious of farm animals on rural roads. Slow down, do not sound your horn, and let the animals pass.

15) On unsealed (gravel) roads slow down and corner carefully. Be cautious of dust, limiting visibility.

16) Rail Crossings
Slow down when approaching, follow the signs/lights, and cross only when indicated/safe to do so.

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